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Enhance Your Beauty With Dr.Faizal Anwar Part 3

This is before/during the laser treatment.Cant wait to see the outcome a week later after scrub(2nd appoinment)!

I get my nose&lips fillers done last month and 2days ago,Erbium Fractional facial laser done!HSC Medical Center has few types of laser treatment

1.Laser Acne Treatment

-Safe&effective*fast&convenient*no medication*improves skin texture&tone*long lasting results

2.Laser Peels for sun damaged skin,finelines and wrinkles

-Minimum recovery time*results look more natural*skin feels younger&healthier*improves tone&pore size*controlled,accurate&precise treatment

3.Laser Hair Treatment

-Safe&effective*fast&convenient*long lasting results*suitable for all skin types*no pain,ingrown hair,irritated or infected skin*suitable for larger or smaller area

While mine is all in one called Erbium Fractional Laser!

 Looking for the younger you? Feel good in your skin again with Fractional Erbium laser treatments. These pick me up treatments are a quick and easy way to get your youthful glow back without the downtime associated with other forms of skin rejuvenation. They are perfect treatments for working professionals, or busy people on-the-go.

Fractional Erbium laser technology corrects many dermatological and cosmetic skin conditions with increased comfort and minimal post-treatment pain and care. Fractional laser treatments create micro-thermal tunnels deep into the skin. The laser ablates (or vaporizes) the microscopic columns of skin while leaving the surrounding tissue untreated. The body’s natural healing process creates new, healthy collagen to replace the columns of affected tissue. Once healed, skin texture improves and lines soften. The results are gradual and people can continue to see improvements in their skin for three months after their last Erbium Fractional laser treatment.

The laser targets the deep and superficial layers of the skin to remove acne scarring, age spots, fine lines, wrinkles, rough texture, redness and large pores without excessive peeling with often resulted from chemical peels.

Owh well,Immediately following the treatment, the skin will be red, swollen and experience a warm, stinging sensation.These effects are normal and indicate a successful treatment. Any swelling and redness will dissipate within several days. As the micro-tunnels heal, the skin will feel dry and begin to slough or peel.But hey,im happy with it even i look like a lobster this few days!During the treatment tak sakit langsung like seriously pedih a bit after the procedure coz Dr.Faizal applied a topical anesthetic cream about an hour before the actual resurfacing..So,setiap masa kena guna mositurizer and sunblock SPF30.No smoking/alcohol based drinks/spray/toner for 3days.

And owh im taking this collagen&placenta drinks bought it from GNC :) RM239.90 per box

Kindly visit his website http://www.drfaizalanwar.com/ :D The best treatment ever,painless,safe&certified!Make an apointment and mention my name-he will giving u a good price :)

This is my day 3rd days picture.flakyred,berpetak2 merah.


Al Manamah Bahrain

6th to 11th March.Arrived KL on 12th 9am by Emirates.
I had a transit through world class airport Dubai for 3hours total journey.

Weather:Cold 20-21celcius

Like a soulmate, it’s so easy to fall in love with Kingdom of Bahrain.I never thought my 6days trip to Bahrain would left me with,lot of insights and deep thoughtful memories.At first, I didn’t know much about Bahrain.I just google it.The only thing I know, Bahrain is one of Gulf countries. And like most countries in Middle East, I expect Bahrain to be as ‘strict’ in Islamic rules especially for women. This is considered my first visit to Gulf country, and everybody has been telling me-be safe in Bahrain.Mmmm let me tell u this.Bahrain is not Saudi Arabia or Iran,okay?

Everything here is different.The landscape&the diversity of the people.I had no trouble adjusting to Bahrain.The locals are very welcoming and the other expats are always happy to help and support newcomers.It is also much easier to make friends in a “transitory” country like here.

I came prepared to enjoy myself and learn about the country. I believe the key to adjusting to the differences is to come to the Middle East with an open mind.Burqa women are very sporting&open minded!Bahrainis are not conservative.Burqa & Keffiyeh are just their traditional culture wear(Islamic).Older people even wear it to the club lounge.
Later I know, Bahrain is a country with Islamic values but also very open and especially women were free and even supported to do anything they want in life.Seriously.

This was to be to be my first trip to the Middle East & my thinking was that I would meet an extremely intolerant religious regime with burqa-clad women .I couldn’t have been further from the truth. The experience really opened my eyes into how these countries are run.Amazing!BTW most of their workers are philipino & indian .

Bahrain is a small archipelago country that often called the pearl of Middle East.Nah,I went to Juffair. Its like 10minutes from Al Manamah the capital city of Bahrain.Owh speaking of Saudi,Saudi Arabia is only an hour trip on road from Al Manamah.

Anyway,before I came to Bahrain I read a lot of misleading news about the condition of the country,especially after what’s happened in 2011. International media say things that mostly not true,and make people afraid to come to Bahrain.Duhh.For 6days, I feel safe&welcome,people are genuinely happy to see me especially Ali boy&family.Bought Burberry signature shirt&McQueen Car Smarties Dispenser for him.Happy boy!

One thing about Bahrain is they do have this luxurious&exquisite area called The Lagoon Park in Amwaj Island-hailed as the ‘Venice’in Bahrain.U get what I mean?The boat&the house.I was mesmerized by the scenery.I had the best Japanese cuisine in Bahrain at Gulf Hotel,International dining at Trader Vic’s in Ritz Carlton Hotel &Authentic Italian cuisine in Roma.Also,there is one famous restaurant called Chaise Cafe(in-room dining+shisha).Royal antique decor(living room concept)Well,most of my daily meals I went for middle east foodies.Kebab+Tikka+Tabouleh.Owh speaking of foods,one of Bahrainis traditional cuisine is called ‘Hammour Fish’ .Glad that I liked it.Delicious!Especially cheesy baked hammour .Owh and tell u what,their shisha/hookah damn special made.Owh u tell me about it,country of shisha!

And for boozing session I went to Block 338 Restaurant Bar&Ritz Carlton Hotel Lounge with Polynesia decor ;everybody’s enjoying their life, men love dancing to the Arab/Latin/Salsa music, ladies at all age happily dance in any opportunity of only-women gathering (I love it!), free education, free health services,royal beauty treatments,sport cars everywhere,huge compound villas&mansions all over the city,goodlooking bahrainis(ehemm)free-flow cocktails(okay maybe it’s not free hehe),high quality ,exquisite life… No reason to be unhappy in Kingdom Of Bahrain-sandy city!

Ive visited their largest mosque called Al Fateh Grand Mosque-it is beautiful okay ofcourse cannot beat Taj Mahal),The Lagoon Park in Amwaaj,Bahrain World Trade Center,Bahrain International Circuit (watched the 24hr Endurance Race Championship at Viva Karting Circuit)and wellknown shopping area called Seef Mall for the shopping spree,ofcourse.LOL.Bought Victoria’s Secret&La Senza(as if we dont have em there.LOL) Spent BD80 -RM711 at La Senza & Victoria’s Secret BD144 -RM1k+ almost RM2k.Expensive in MYR but jari gatal.Also,I get my hair done at Head To Toe bungalow salon(women’s spa)they treated me like a DIVA.Private beauty room &hi tea.They gave me a good price for the first timer to their salon.Dinars BD16 -MYR RM133 for normal wash&blow.In Kuala Lumpur I can get it for RM45 only hehe.

The currency is the Bahraini Dinar (BD)another interesting thing about this region is that their currencies are easily interchanged, you could pay for something in Bahrain with Dubai (UAE) currency Dirhams and get your change in Riyadhs (Saudi currency). Well,everything is expensive here.Bought raspberries&redcurrent packet at hypermarket which cost me almost RM200.LOL!

It’s a mixed feeling to leave this place thou.Charlie pup&Ali boy,you’ll be missed.They are very special to me :) Cheers!