Funny Yet Brilliant

Ok,for me this is very funny yeah,untuk case toddler umur 14months.Haha.

You know what,lepas Ryan bangun tidur pukul 11.30am tadi,I fed him milk and mamam yogurt for breakfast,then mandi.As usual la at noon I kadang2 xpakaikan dia baju,just diaper je,since aircond cuma pasang kat bilik2 atas.Then while Im facebooking,tetiba Ryan datang dengan bogel(bump penuh tai melekat) kat I sambil pegang his diaper yang penuh tai,and cakap ”’poo,poo,yai yai yai”LAUGH OUT LOUD.You got what I mean?

What a brilliant idea to stop his mommy from surfing the net.LOL.So clever for his age,dah poo poo terus buka diaper sendiri n tunjuk kat mommy.Hahaha.Cis,poo kat potty tak nak plak.

Memoirs Of Labour Story:First Crucial Time Of His Developmental Milestones

Dont know why recently,me and hubby selalu bercerita pasal second baby..Hehe.Yelah,bila tengok orang ada baby,teringat masa mengandungkan Ryan,heaven’s smell and ect.He now is 14months,how time flies yeah.And today in 2010,motherly instinct I terpanggil untuk sekali lagi mencatat kembali Ryan’s first crucial time and labour story..
30th October 2008

3.30am – 7am:
A very mild contraction getting frequent from time to time every 10-15 minutes even there were no leakage of water bag.Just a little bit ‘show’ around 6.30am.

7am :
Getting ready to the hospital with hubby and my brother in-law(Dr.Fahmy).

Admissions counter of UMMC. They were so nice. VE (Vaginal Examination) was done and it was already opened 2cm!I was then pushed to the Rest Room by wheel chair.

2nd VE done – 7cm! I presumed I will have to go through another few more tough hours before delivering.Then I called my hubby.

Felt like ‘poo-poo’(True Labour Pain)-Belakang rasa macam nak tercabut(Menstrual pain).And I still got time to think “If terberak, malunya!!”3rd VE done – 10cm!! When I heard 10cm, I was so shocked yet relief at the same time. Some of the first timer mom will have to experience a “1 hour for 1cm opening” of labouring process..But yes,I am strong.Finger crossed and set up my mind ‘buat tattoo lagi sakit.”Nurse offered to jap the Epidural/pain killer. But, I said NO!! Earlier, I did plan to jap it. But, after some considerations, I managed to convince myself that I can do it even without Epidural.

Labour Room!Started the ‘pushing’ part. I don’t think it was painful tho.Since my contraction flow were very slow,so I managed to ‘rest’ more & ‘work’ hard.To me, it was really tiring but actually I tak sabar nak tengok my baby!! Episiotomy cut was done. Having a really good ‘cheerleaders’ team (a doctor, a midwife, 2 nurses,a trainee and my hubby) . Nah,was indeed very helpful.So ya,5 pushes only(About half and hour untuk keluarkan my baby).Sampaikan midwife tanya setiap kali contraction”tak sakit ke puan?’I jawab sambil tersengih’urm..SAKIT..’.Then Doctor R gelak’You tak nampak sakit pun?”Hehe…Ego I tinggi untuk tunjuk kesakitan tu sebenarnya..Hakikatnya,Dia je yang tau.So my advice,DONT shout and DONT scream..

Alhamdulilah Im a fast delivery.A big baby boy was finally born thru SVD(normal labour)! 3.88kg ,61cm :) FYI,I am not diabetic.There is no word in this world that could describe what the exact feeling is when they put the baby on my chest!Plus,I memang tak pandai pegang baby. I cried… All the tiredness gone with the wind…Baby on my chest rite after he was born.His first latched on my breast.Ouhh..Im touched.

Needlework!!It was darn painful than the ‘pushing’ part! As usual la,I tunjuk tak sakit.Tehehe… still could feel the needle! 24 stitches,babe!Kalah anak dara.Haha.Surely a trauma to every first time mom!!But Im proud..Tuhan mempermudahkan I untuk melahirkan Ryan Raffael.Then My Hubby ‘Azan/Qamat’ kan our son…The funny part is,doctor cakap I sempat ajak diarang semua pergi club lagi—-I ‘stone’ disebabkan Antonox Gas la during the sewing procedure..tehehe

Ready to be sent over to my bed.My hubby kissed me.Once again,I cried-HAPPY AND PROUD. They placed baby next to me for breastfeeding. I was so touched!!!!What a perfect little creature on earth..Then my hubby called his mother to spread a good news.Ok,enough lah with the labouring story. Need to make the story shorter pulak.LOL

#I was then discharged on the next day on 31 October 2008 around 4pm right after doctor confirmed that both baby and I were fine and healthy.#


*New Born : Born 3.88kg,61cm.I am not diabetic in pregnancy,ok.(Super healthy baby case-NO offence and Thank God)All Ryan would need now is nursing every two to three hours and sleeping off. Hence,smile about nothing.Gee…And the alignment of his eyes..Sometimes “cross” or don’t seem to follow object well yet.Which is totally normal to all babies for the first month.

*1st week : He would be spending a few hours each day quietly and alertly absorbing the new environment. His umbilical cord drop-off at day 4. His eczema started to appears on and off.

*2nd week : He can lifts his head for several minutes.Ryan’s vision is still kind of fuzzy. While the rest of the world is a blur, he can clearly see who’s holding him.

*3rd week : The time is now for my baby to enjoy the sounds of our voice and the music.

*4th week : My baby can now track a moving object with his eyes for longer than a couple of seconds. His head is steadier now. Short periods of time on the floor will help him strengthen his neck muscles.

*5th week : This week, he discovers his hands and feet. Also, my baby learns to express himself with sounds beyond crying. He has been doing a lot of body stretching.

*2 months old : He can now roll over by himself without any help.My paediatrician will use standard growth charts to track my baby’s weight gain. So far my baby has a good appetite and growing at a steady pace.Hence,Ryan is above average(multi-racial baby).And he starts to babbling with his own sounds.We called it ‘Baby Talk’ :) He tries to move his eyes towards the sound accordingly. And he easily attracted to his colorful books and lighting.He loves his tummy time/superman position.He likes to kicking n struggling.And now,he developed his first tears. His atopic dermatitis has finally gone.

*3 months old : He mastered in rolling over.He can roll over from his back onto front or vice versa 24/7.He also trying to master the art of sitting without any help.He is able to ”doggy sit’(with hunched back and arms forward for support)for a 10 minutes.And immobile crawl like a ‘worm’.He got the ability to grasp an object hung over his head and transfering his toys from one hand to the other.He starts to inserting his fingers and thumb in his own mouth.And he responses to our voice..He starts laughing and shouting with his heart.Also,he is able to control his shivering hands and head as well.Teething has occured at this month.

*4 months old : He now mastered on sitting unaided.Also,he starts to crawl from immobile to commando crawl.He starts to ‘drive’ his walker too(But,I did not encourage Ryan to play on walker).Tell you what,baby walkers don’t help babies walk earlier yeah. In fact, walkers may even delay your baby’s movement skill development or discourage him from learning to walk on his own.Why?Spend your quality time to do a research:).It is dangerous and potentially fatal. In fact, Canada has already banned the sale of baby walkers,ok?.Nah,put aside,And he likes to salivating(blows bubbles with his mouth/blows raspberries). He loves to play with his musical toys,alot.He can hold his own bottle milk but cant tilt it when finished.So I dont actively encourage him to hold it by himself to avoid choking.

*5 months old : 10.2kg.Mastered in crawling.From crawl to sit and sit to crawl by himself.So tired you know,to chase him around the house :) He loves to suck his own toes.He start to pulling his tongue out.He is able to match his own baby talk consonant words. Such ‘dadi,dada,mammam,yaiyai’ and ect.He totally responses to a mirror.He starts to throwing tantrums and starts kicking with double speed and energy .He is able to pull himself up holding onto wall or furnitures.He is crib trained.

*6 months old : Mastered in climbing.Holding on bed and ect.He becomes choosy regarding his food.He loves salmon,cheese,pasta,yogurt,brown rice,broccoli,avocado,mashed potato and Heinz fruit puree.His gums now is fully hard and his 1st tooth at lower central incisor has erupted.And now,he wears 12month shirts.He also can imitate our movement.If I show him tongue,then he will do the same equally.He can hold and drink water from his sippy training cup.

*7 months old : 14.5kg.Mastered in standing.His 1st and 2nd teeth has finally emerged.Both at lower central incisors.Having a separation anxiety such other babies.He shows the sign of fear or shyness around strangers. His motor skills is advanced.Mastered in standing.He is able to climb then holding on bed,the furniture,sliding door and standing then jumping happily.He will pull himself up and tends to standing everywhere and pushing himself to walk with assistance and holding onto furniture to walk sideways and cruising.And,he is able to express his feelings with his expressions.He can hold his own bottle milk. His first word is ‘Daddy!”He learning to climb up his rocking chair but cant climb down.

*8 months old : Mastered in standing without holding onto anything for few seconds.He’s been cruising a small step from one place to another,he wanted to let go of his hands to walk for few minutes. He also able to pull himself up from a sitting position(Pumping Style)without holding onto anything and stand.He knows how to bend his knees and how to sit after standing .He is preparing his first step. He can signed ‘wave bye-bye’,'hungry’,'hug’ ,’attention’,'clap’ and ‘NO’-To shake his head in refusal.And the most important thing is Ryan has finally says ‘Mommy!”

*9 months old :12kg,bam bam merundum.His first step moment!!Ryan could nonetheless walk unaided when placed on the floor.Cheese,pasta,salmon and yogurt lover.His 3rd,4th,5th and 6th teeth are showed up.He likes to play at gymboree and watch his Infant Vocabulary DVD.Back to great sleeper like before-No more having night terror.He wears 18-24months shirts,diapers maintain XLAbove all these,Ryan is getting smarter and handsome.When he goes for a poo, he hides behind the curtain.He grinds his teeth badly.And,our ‘gifted’ Ryan can walk at 9months.Trying to master climb up on our masterbed.

*10 months old :Nothing much to update I guess coz now Alhamdulilah he had achieved his infancy milestones by 9months already(he is already walk),just that he is getting smarter such other babies at his age.He knows to sign mineral bottle and milk bottle when thirsty.Even expert says if your baby can walk by 9months or earlier,your child are gifted.Got 6teeths,12kg+,wears 18-24months and maintain XL diapers.Mastered in climbing over the bed,sofa,grill and ect until the peak and goes down unaided.His latest vocab is CAR.5 vocabs at 10months.

*11 months old :12.5kg,88cm tall .Maintain XL Diapers .5 vocabs (Says mommy and daddy to the right person,mam mam,nenen,and a car) .Pointing.Still walking.Maintain 6 teeths.Still signing ”No,hungry,mineral,poo-poo,clap,high 5 and waves good bye” since 7 months.Immitates people movement.Hyper climber.Pulls our hands to do something such beat something/clap together.Passes toys to other people.Friendlier yet become naughtier.Put balls into basket.Understands our commands such ”NO”,”Come here” or ”Take the ball” ect.Clumsy,talkative,choosy yet smart baby.Tantrums getting worse specialy on what he wants.Never sit still.Sleepwalker.

*12 months old :12kg.Got 8 teeths.He says NO NO NO and BYE BYE BYE.

Ill keep you updated regarding the Second Crucial Time Milestones(Toddler-hood) of my baby Ryan to end up his ‘babyhood’ and ‘infancy moment’. Mommy and daddy gonna miss those moments with you.. Watch him grow!

OFF TOPIC: Breast Cancer Awareness

-This entry is dedicated to one of my follower(she is a young mom,breast cancer survivor).Please support her by dropping sweet message for her on this entry.

Many young women feel that because of their age that breast cancer does not affect them. This is a common myth, and also one that is very untrue. Breast cancer can strike at any age. No woman is safe. Doing a breast self exam every month can aid in early detection of breast cancer, but many young women feel there is no need. Again, this is because of their age. The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation has provided excellent reasons why young women need to perform monthly breast self exams:

1. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women of all ages, except for certain kinds of skin cancers. The most proven and significant risk factors are being female and getting older.
2. Young women’s cancers are generally more aggressive and result in lower survival rates – making early detection even more important.
3. Mammography is not recommended for most women until age 40. This sometimes results in younger women being diagnosed later, and possibly lowering their chance of survival.
4.Younger women tend to have thicker breast tissue than older women, making diagnosis difficult. This makes it vitally important for younger women to become familiar with how their breasts look and feel through monthly BSE (breast Self Exam), beginning by age 20.5. With one in seven American women at risk of developing breast cancer in her lifetime, it is never too early to establish good breast health practices. If you notice a change in your breast through a BSE or some other means, contact your health care provider for further evaluation immediately.
5.Young mothers(at least 1 kid below 25) and breasfeeding mother at least for 6months are less risk to get breast cancer.
Its that time again when we remember, honour, and celebrate the courage, faith, love, and strength of all those who have conquered breast cancer, and the many more who are pressing on forward in the fight to overcome.
So moms, please remember to self-check your breasts regularly.If the process is one that you keep putting off, get your partner involved. This type of sharing can only serve to deepen the bond and intimacy that both of you already share yeah?Just love your boobs no matter how they look like.

Insect Repellent Safe For Kids : Sitting Too Close To The Television

Many parents are not particular about this remeh repellent issue.I saw most of my friends tak pakai pun this remeh thing on their kids.As for me,I memang benci sangat tengok semut ke lalat ke langau specially nyamuk hinggap kat my son.Even myself pun pakai repellent spray/sticker bila keluar(in certain places la)So,thats why Ryan memang pakai repellent since lahir setiap kali keluar.

Dulu,Ryan pakai yang blue rounded sticker type,but lately memang tak boleh coz dia asyik nak cabut,pegang and gigit that sticker.Bau dia memang kuat.Even my Dior or Chanel pun bau tenggelam.Well I dont care if my son bau that citronella and lemongrass oil.At least badan dia tak digigit serangga/nyamuk aedes/tiruk whatever(touch wood!) .So now,I pilih lotion type.Easy and safe for kids.

Deet-free and time-released with six essential oils to repel insects, plus sun protection with parabens-free SPF 15 sunscreen.Contains over 20% of active all-natural insect repellents for a broad variety of essential oils protection:

Oil of Citronella
Oil of Soybean
Oil of Peppermint
Oil of Cedar
Oil of Lemongrass
Oil of Geranium

Plus all-natural mineral Titanium Dioxide for sunscreen protection SPF 15 Apply to skin, avoiding eyes and mouth. Also helps protect if you apply lightly to clothing. Apply every 2-3 hours if needed, especially after spending time in water.

But take note moms,please seek your paed first before applying this kind of skin product,some may occur rashes due to sensetive skin.

(Picture-Hey hey you all dah tengok dolphins&sea lions show in Sunway?Boring,coz crowded sangat)

Are you concerned that television has damaged your children’s eyes?Of course you do.So do I.Our Ryan memang takkan puas kalau tak tengok tv/e-flsh card dekat2 on our plasma,even on his DVD Portable.Urm..
It’s a fact of life that children like to watch television. However there are health concerns that are vocalized by many about letting your kids sit too close to the TV. These were raised in the early days of television when the TV was often affectionately referred to as a radiation box. Obviously there was no radiation danger from watching TV and the technology has advanced beyond what it was originally.Specially tv plasma.Here,I would like to share with you the facts about TV and children from Ezine Articles.
Nah,still the questions about whether it’s harmful to watch TV for too long, or sit too close remain. If you’re child is not physically active and spends all of his or her time in front of the TV then obviously they will begin to get a little heavy. In this aspect the question about if it is harmful is a definite yes. It’s important for kids to get out and have plenty of physical activity in order to grow and develop properly.
As far as the question about sitting too close to the TV goes the answer is a bit complicated. However you can answer most of it yourself with some common sense knowledge. If you work on a computer, or use a laptop for long periods of time and sit too close what happens to your eyes? They become itchy, red, irritated, and your vision becomes blurred.Now if that happens to you who are fully grown, imagine what it might be doing to your kids. This isn’t a scare argument, but more of a common sense argument. Children and toddlers often don’t understand the concept of letting your eyes rest so it’s important to manage this for them until they understand. Continued long term watching regardless of range can lead to long term headaches and migraines.

That covers the physical part of the question, but what about the mental part? Yes there is a mental part to this question that most parents simply do not think about. If you let your child or toddler sit real close and directly in front of the TV they will begin to think it’s theirs. This can lead to behavioral problems down the line and cause quite a few issues.Before you dismiss this as silly remember how children learn what’s theirs and what’s not. When you hand them a new, they grab it, and it becomes theirs. If you sit them in front of the TV alone and leave them then they will assume this box with the colorful moving pictures is theirs as well. Being up close and directly in front of it will reinforce this position as well.
In order to prevent this from happening it’s important to teach them that it’s not theirs. This works the same way you teach them that other things are not theirs. You typically sit them at an angle from the TV where they can see it, but not directly in front of it. When they move closer or try to touch it you simply pick them up and put them back. So is it harmful for your child to sit too close to the TV? Physically it can be straining on the eyes so yes, but in the end use your own parental judgment.Be safe.

OFF TOPIC-BlackBerry PIN : Question=Answer : Facebook Dilemma

Hola friends and blogger moms!Please send me your BB PIN to my email ( or comment box below for PIN exchange yeah.I dah reboot PIN you all.Coz I tak tahu ape yang Ryan tukar setting dalam tu.Huhu.

Mine :20D798DB

Ok,funny expression huh?LOL

Ok.Dear my silent readers and followers,I appreciates your comments and questions so much.But,mostly question yang you all tanya kat I pasal my back in shape body,Marie France sessions,skin-No strectmarks,labour story,biodata,baby stuff,sexual in marriage,kids product,parenting,wedding,confinement,breastfeeding including hot rambling issue pun ada dalam blog I.Just scroll down,no need to click older post such thing,coz I memang set blog ni 500posts untuk 1 page(no hassle at all,moms)and read them all yeah?Coz nomely apa yang you all tanya,semua dah ada kat dalam blog ni.Take it positively and search by your own.Love you,and thanks for your supports.xoxo
Stephanie Liah

My facebook account is almost full ( By the way,this is my second account since Ryan lahir.Coz first account pun fullhouse.Lepas few reporters discovered my story(marriage and having kid) on media,portal and paper,my fans datang serbu my second account,just because to ‘meet’ our handsome boy.

Yeah,yeah I know I know moms,kalau tak nak penuh,janganlah approve kan?But no,I cant,I terharu dgn their message before adding me,so I approved lah.

But now its almost full.Now we got 4,803 friends on friendlist in 6months.So what do you think,should I create 3rd account?Under Ryan Raffael or again,mommy’s?LOL.Sayang plak nak delete member2 dalam tu,diarang sentiasa bagi sokongan,compliments,ikut perkembangan I,hari2 cheers my day,tapi I je yang sometimes tak balas message2 diarang.Bukan apa,terlalu banyak!Inbox I beribu tak buka,jadi jammed.Plus ada 700+ lagi friend requests yang I tak approve lagi.Sad.Lama2 diarang jadi segan,membuatkan hanya less than 300 yang active on my wall,everyday.

Mostly are my important connection people,media,old friends,schoolmates,collegemates,modelmates,celebrity friends,relatives,bestfriends,moms,VIP’s,bloggers and our fans.Sayang kan nak delete?Nak buka fan page/new account under Ryan Raffael,malas plak nak handle 2 account.Urm yeah..Think think think..

OFF TOPIC: 50 Facts About Mommy Ryan

Take it positively yeah?If cant,means YOU tak boleh kawan.OK?

Well,FASHIONISTA is my surname.SHOPAHOLIC is my middle name.PARTYHOLIC is my last name.MOMMYLICIOUS and WIFEYLICIOUS are my priority!I has been crowned Miss Malaysia Cultural Tourism 2004,Miss Sarawak Bahagian Miri 2006 and Miss Malaysia World Congeniality 2007.Yes,Im a beauty queen too! ;)

0.Still mendalami ilmu Islam
1.Obsessive Compulsive Disorder(Dari kecik,sampai my dad hantar I jumpa consultant,okay)
2.I dont eat fried foods
3.Im a social drinker
4.Cant live without my blackerry,HP Tablet PC,credit card and cash
5.Suka puppy,tapi sayang dah tak boleh bela ;(
7.Suka melancong.You named it.
8.Party,event,private party,beach party
9.Friendly-I can get along with anyone.Ugly?pretty?fat?skinny?poor?rich?bertudung?Semua kawan ;) SO,dont get me wrong.You are not my competitor.Kecuali pengumpat and sarcastic.I cant get along with these kind of people.shuh shuh..go away and get a life!
10.Got 5 tattoes(unfortunately xsempat buat nama Ryan Raffael)
11.Belly button
12.Tongue pierced(but dah tersumbat.Mommy Kika,jom pierce balik!)
14.Degree in fashion design (Korea)
15.Anak tunggal
16.Choosy to death
17.Kind hearted
18.Cold temper,but kalo you buat hal,siaplah.I can be sweet,yet I can be devil.
20.I xminum air berwarna,but coffee yes.More to mineral water and fresh fruit juice.
22.Sangat mementingkan kecantikan and kesihatan
23.Particulars in everything ,thats why kalau I shopping berjam-jam!

24.Independent-Maybe dah biasa berjauhan dengan family and duduk overseas

25.Hate being childish

26.I love Sushi!

27.Suka sangat bergambar.Everywhere,anywhere.



30.Ego (Takkan yang baik je I nak senaraikan ,right?)

31.Suka sangat belanja orang,belikan orang itu ini.Thats why orang suka hutang I.My BFF nak pergi study ke Japan hutang I RM20k,sampai sekarang tak bayar.Tapi I malas kejar,sorry to say RM20K is nothing.Malu nak kejar.She is my BFF.Thats why sekarang I harus kedekut!Kalau tak,kena pijak!!Damn you but seriously,I do missed you.You know who you are.

32.Gadget woman


34.High heels and parfumes

35.Makeup into MAC,Bobbie Browns,Chanel and Christian Dior.Other than that akan buat kulit I bermasalah.Tak kisahlah yang lagi mahal ke lagi murah.My skin memang cerewet,just like me.

36.Tak boleh pakai gold.But white gold is fine.Otherwise rashes

37.Suka buat charity.Maybe dah terbiasa dengan my parents suka buat charity.Derma sana sini dirumah anak yatim.Im proud.

38.I hate it when people bragging for nothing.

39.Seumur hidup I,I tak pernah ada musuh.Tapi sejak masuk Islam and jadi ibu,I banyak musuh dikalangan ibu2 yg berperut pelampung,muka cheapskate,kurus kering/gemuk.As far as I know,they are nothing.Ibu2 yang cantik and hot tak pulak gossip pasal I.Kitaorang sharing beauty tips lagi,you!Tercabar ye?

40.I love Hot Mommy Gisele Buchen,Kim Kardashian,Nicole Scherzinger,Paris Hilton,Victoria Beckham and Megan Fox(kononnya pondan).They are extremely hot,succesfull and rich.

41.My dad is chinese,my mom is iban caucasian.So,im Sarawakian.

42.Suka beli lingerie.Pelbagai sexy costumes I ada.fetish?peek a boo?lace?cotton?skin colour?animal print?uniforms?push up?almost takde kain?bertutup?You named it.Dengan dildos/vibrator/cuff pun ada ;)

43.Amalkan jamu,vitamin and supplement untuk dalaman

44.Believe in karma
45.Mandi lama
46.Tak suka cincai
47.Still merokok selepas berhenti breastfeed masa 10months-DONT fred ya conservative mom,I DONT smoke infront of kids/babies.
48.I love chocolate specially black chocolate!
49.I love diamond and pearl
50.I love reading.Novel,magazine.
P/S-Miss Loretta,please read this again due to your wrong info.Do not manipulate this issue.Thank you.

Teddyfone And FireFly : The Real Handphone For Kiddos

FireFly phone designed for 6years and above.

Well,got this product info from Mama Miya.Thanks hot mommy.Im looking for this kiddie handphone since I was pregnant!And today,I found this from Mama Miya.

Since our Ryan boleh jalan masa 9months,we provides him an adult handphone-mini Iphone.Letak dalam pocket dia everytime keluar,Yes,I know I know moms,Ryan memang tak reti dial yet,but just in case dia sesat somewhere at least orang yang jumpa dia can dial our number yang ada pada screen.(Jangan orang culik anak I,lain cerita lah)Allahualam!And for younger kids..presenting the first ever kiddie phone,A TEDDYFONE !
Teddyfone is a specifically designed child safety phone. It uses mobile phone technology but emissions are up to ten times less than a conventional mobile phone (0.2 w/kg SAR value), the lowest in existence. It looks like a teddy, is easy to use and has limited functionality making it unattractive to muggers. Unlike conventional mobile phones,

Teddyfone has:
*No screen, so children can’t download (or be sent) ringtones, games or inappropriate images

*Only four buttons, which parents pre-programme with numbers they are happy for their child to call – likely to be mum, dad and grandparents and a friend

*A parent activated child monitor option which enables them to listen to what is happening around their child.

*An SOS button for emergencies. If the child feels threatened or in danger, they can press this button, which automatically sends a pre-programmed message to three preprogrammed numbers, and enables one person to listen to what is happening at the child’s end.

*An optional child tracking service whereby parents can locate their child at the touch of a button .

Im gonna buy this before his pre-school next year!

OFF TOPIC-Seduce Your Man :Satisfy Your Man

These are what we practic most(BUT I DONT SHARE WITH YOU OUR SECRET RECIPI LAH hehehe) to make our making love session always blossomed.Well,after two or three years of marriage(or more), the love life of most couples can get fairly routine.And maybe even a bit predictable and boring. If you are like most couples, it is not so much that the sex is no longer any fun. Rather, it can just be hard to get the motor running, so to speak. This brings us to the topic of seduction.Communication and sexy ideas are very important.By learning the skill of how to seduce your husband, you will find yourselves making love much more often. If you can just learn how to get him in the mood, the lovemaking session will surely follow.
Tip #1:

Pay a little extra attention to making yourself look your best: Let’s face it: men are visual creatures. They covet what they see. If you have been married to your husband for a few years or more, chances are that he has been paying less attention to the way you look lately. At the same time, you are likely putting less effort into making yourself look your best. This can be a vicious cycle that feeds on itself. In order to break the cycle, try spending a bit more time making yourself look pretty or sexy when you get ready in the morning. For you, that may mean putting on makeup every single day (if you do not already), painting your fingernails or toenails,hairdo or paying more attention to the clothes you wear.

Tip #2.

Show interest in what he has to say when he talks about his day: Getting into the mood for love is difficult when couples do not even make enough time to have a meaningful chat about their days. In today’s busy world, wives often have little knowledge about what their husbands really do every day, and men have the same problem understanding exactly what their wives spend their time doing. However, do not let this lack of understanding create a communication barrier between the two of you. The best way to bridge the communication gap is to take the first step and ask your husband about his day: and then really pay attention to his answer! What he tells you may not be immediately familiar or meaningful to you, but to your husband it is a huge part of his world, so pay careful attention. I guarantee that if you do, he will be more prone to being in the mood for lovemaking.

Tip #3.

Cook a light meal: If you plan to make love tonight, be sure to cook a light meal for the two of you. There is nothing like being in the mood for love, only to then eat a large meal and start to feel too sleepy or full to make love. Feed him something light and nutritious and save your energy for lovemaking. Then watch porn together.

Tip #4.

Give him advance notice that you are in the mood: Many men are not spontaneous by nature: they like to know what they are doing in advance. And, all men like to have something to look forward to. For both reasons, it can be a great idea to tell your husband a few hours or days in advance that you would like to spend some intimate time with him. Your doing so will help him clear his mental (and actual) schedule for your lovemaking session.

Tip #5.

Wear something sexy around him without mentioning it directly: When you first see your husband after his day, greet him while wearing something sexy. But, the trick is to not let him think you are trying too hard. For example, while cooking dinner, try wearing an apron with only some skimpy underwear on underneath it. You may notice that his has trouble watching TV or reading the paper because he is too busy stealing glimpses at you.

Tip #6.

Do something out of the ordinary: There is something very sexy about the element of surprise. Even if you have already let your husband know that you want to make love, this does not mean you have to give all of your secrets away ahead of time. Do something that is a bit surprising – maybe even a bit kinky. For example, tell him an erotic story over dinner. Or, watch a video that you both find arousing or sexy. Be sure to adjust the level of sexiness to his mood and personality. The point here is the element of surprise: keep things interesting and keep him on his toes.

Tip #7.

Just before making love, change into something sexy: Husbands like to think that they do not have their wives all figured out. Men want that element of mystery. So, as you are seducing your husband and you see that things will soon lead to lovemaking, casually slip away for a moment and slip into a sexy negligee, piece of lingerie or other sexy clothing. If you are lucky, he will be so turned on that you won’t get much of a chance to show it off before he quickly removes it.

Tip #8.

Practice karma sutra.Up to 300 positions you can practice.Well Im not perfect,but we practised up to 180 positions a month,including oral stimulation.

Tip #9.Dont let you kid become a boundary in your marriage.Walk together hold hands,kisses,hugs wherever and whever you want.Halal what,why must masa Haram,macam2 nak buat?So this is the time!

Learning how to expertly seduce your husband is your best bet for a happier, healthier sex life between the two of you. Most couples find that, once the lovemaking begins, the experience is often very satisfying. The challenge, then, is getting you both into the mood.


What do men really want when it comes to sex? We know for a fact that they want sex, that’s the first thing and it’s worth just touching on for a second. Why? Because most guys just aren’t getting enough of it at home – that’s a fact yeah moms.Kerja-holic ke,harta-holic ke,kereta-holic ke,lelaki yang sihat and normal tetap utamakan SEX.
So if you want to please your man and find out exactly what he really wants in bed sexually, then read on… First and foremost (like I said above), he wants sex. Make that he ‘wants’ sex and he ‘needs’ sex. Men are really not that far removed from animals. He has urges and is animalistic. Percaya lah.And when men aren’t satisfied sexually you can normally tell he’s being neglected. Even the mildest mannered type of guy can become unreasonable and downright unpleasant if he’s being neglected sexually.

I’ve said this many times in other articles; unless you’ve just got together and you’re still ripping each other’s clothes off, a minimum of once a week la- but preferably at least three times a week (the national average) should be at least what you’re aiming for. If you’re up and past three times a week and you’ve been together a while, then ‘Well Done You’!, for there aren’t that many women who make the effort. Seriously.Haha.

Next, your man doesn’t want to go to bed with a ‘dead fish’/'maid look’. So put some effort in here,moms. Can you imagine the other way round – you’re raring to go and he’s just laying there. And you’re thinking, ‘Ya Allah, he doesn’t even want to do this, he just wants me to get it over and done with’. How would you feel? This is absolutely horrible for a guy. And yet it happens so frequently it’s hard to comprehend. So ‘Make the Effort’. And if you don’t want to make any effort, what on earth are you doing there?Owh,take it seriuosly moms.

Variety –

Of course ‘variety is the spice of life’ and to do the same thing day in and day out is boring and tedious and just too depressing to even think about. So, you must (ideally both of you, but you on your own if you must la) inject a bit of variety into your sex life. We all love the excitement of doing something new and different and it will really turn your guy on if you bring something new to the table, so to speak. It doesn’t have to be extreme (like a threesome or extreme bondage) but you can easily spice things up with sexy lingerie,dildos,vibrators,whipped cream,honey, ‘outfits’, flowery scents of Victoria’s Secret cologne,talking dirty and/or making out someplace else other than your bed tho.

Take the Initiative –

Married men absolutely love this one. And that’s because for the vast majority of the time, ‘they’ have to make the first move when it comes to sex and making love with you. Why don’t ‘you’ take the initiative for once and make a move on him – this will blow his mind and you’ll love it yourself when you see just how much it turns him on.Well,reading mine and practising ours will never helps your sexual life,just that,jangan malu moms,make a sexy move now!Show you husband..Lets ROOARR your marriage ;) .Dont be shy to become his nurse,maid,tukang urut,policewoman or whatever he wants.Thats why I byanyak sangat koleksi lingerie costumes ;) You can enjoy watching porn together what ;)
Ok?Have a great sexy hottiness sex in you marriage.
My previous article:

OFF TOPIC:Fraud Mom Bloggers

Well,well..Stir stir!Alhamdulilah,since I post entry FRAUD MOM BLOGGERS ni,ramai yang datang mintak maaf konon standby takut2 tersilap pernah tergosip.Sedar pun.And fyi,salah seorang reader I yang terlibat tu dah mintak maaf tengahari tadi..Tau pun takut kena hayun ngan handbag and heels belasan ribu I?Takpun takut kena simbah ngan Acid?(I sentiasa ada 2oz acid bottle dlm handbag utk standby penjenayah jalanan).Or takut I cacatkan muka dia?Haha.Tau pun takut.Ni tinggal sekor lagi,dia adalah follower I.You know who you are.And more to come.I tengah buat countdown,now Ryan ada 141 followers.Tengok siapa lari after this.And,my friend is a hacker,he can trace your IP Add,so dont play2 under my son’s blog!
And yeah,Im not afraid of loosing friends by posting this fraud entry.Kawan I ramai sangat sampai tak terkira.Bertudung,cantik,somebody,kurus,gemuk,buruk,sexy,nerdy,janda,duda,cacat,orang tua,VIP,muda,budak,semua itu kawan2 I.Blog ni adalah diary our son,bukan untuk kumpul follower/kawan.So,hati2 ya?Your friends could be my friends too.So watch out,bergossip lah cara berhemah!Otherwise,kantoi.

Ni kisah asam garam dalam dunia blogger since 2009.Now dah 2010,harap mak2 meroyan ni berubah lah yea?Tell you what,I wanna share with you here pasal 2 betina mak bloggers ni.Kisah ni berlaku baru2 ni and satu lagi 4-5 bulan lepas lah.Talam dua muka enough said.2 followers I bgtau pasal 2 mak ni.Sorang follower I,and sorang reader I(tapi betina ni selalu comment manis2 kat blog I).Betina2 ni cakap,I edit photo anak I and our photos.Pakai Adode bagi muka lawa,bagi badan mantap,breast ass mantap,anak macam korean matsalih.And yang terhangat gossip sini sana pasal Stephanie Liah.Tapi dia xsedar,orang2 yang tempat mereka bergosip ni telah bagitau I ;) .WTF,photo2 I blurr and dari Blackberry,Iphone and E90.Edit kah itu?Dah memang Allah kurniakan kami ni cantik comel belaka,kenapa nak benci?Macam la you kenal I,jumpa pun tak pernah.

Ha…pada sesiapaa yang pernah TER-gossip pasal I,Gossip pasal I,YOU know who you are,coz bukan dua betina ni je yang gossip2 pasal I tanpa sebab,okay.And,I knw who you are.Beware.Jangan sampai I terjumpa ‘you berdua’ kat mana2 moms blogger events/di luar ya.I know what to do ;) I wont yell,Ill slap you both,hati2 ya?Jangan kerana mulut,badan binasa.Lebih baik datang meminta maaf kalau rasa diri tu pernah ”TER-gossip’ pasal I.Siapa makan cili,terasa pedasnya ,and I know you’re reading this ;) .Well,im harmless,just be nice.You have no idea apa I akan buat kalau ternampak uolls ni kat luar ;) .Ingat I ni macam mak2 bloggers lain yang amik pakai DSLR,pastu edit pakai Adobe or any software bagi pictures nampak cantik,anak,mak,bapak nampak comel,bila kat luar tanned and lain plak muka,ye?You’re wrong.Sad.LOL.

Well,pelikkan?Tak pernah jumpa ,tapi mengata bukan main lagi.Mulut tu jaga mak oiii.Jaga imej and bangsa you tu,jangan bagi malu keluarga sendiri.Apa motif you benci kat I?Tercabar sebab I cantik?My son handsome and bijak than yours?My hubby rich and handsome than yours?I anak VIP?I berpelajaran?I sexy?Risau hubby you terpikat dengan i?I pernah hancurkan hidup you?I boleh je hancurkan hidup and rumahtangga you berdua.Easy coz I ada ‘AURA WANITA’ ,way powerfull than yours.I can make your hubby dream of me,terbayang badan I ketika bersama you.Ha..I told you,jangan main2 dengan I.And tak payahlah puji2 I,my son and hub lebih2 sedangkan you kutuk jenis terlebih sudah.Hello,takkan la ciptaan Allah tu hanya yang buruk?Yang terindah pun ciptaan Allah.

Nah,lebih baiklah you berdua and yang sewaktu perangai itu menjaga anak and laki uols dari mengata hidup orang lain.Jaga muka,badan and penanpilan sendiri tu,supaya takde la sampai wujudnya perasaan dengki,tercabar bila tengok orang yang lebih sempurna dari you.Banyak lagi boleh buat ape selain mengata.You jaga pussy you bagi hubby you sedap lick,jaga anak you,didik anak you,masak ke ape and ect.Ha amik you all,main2 lagi.Ni baru reminder k,I belom bagi pengajaran lagi ni.Uols tunggu k,tunggu!!Jangan sampai terserempak sudah.Gossip uols tu terlalu panas.I boleh saman uols kalau dapat bukti tau?Jaga mulut tu ye..

So,dear moms,tak payah tanya I siapa yang mulut2 yang mcm neraka ni.You know who you are.So lepas ni,jangan bergossip dengan orang yang salah. ;) Kan dah kantoi?Mulut mcm sial mengalahkan amalan orang yg sexy!Euwww!

Well,I bukan Marah ye..Kalau I marah,lain….!And memang adat ber-blogging,xsmua orang suka kita.I know I know moms BUT,jaga mulut tu,tak payah malukan bangsa sendiri dengan mengaibkan orang and menjaja cerita orang kat orang lain.UOLS ingat I suka semua readers and followers I??No,hell NO!Tapi I tak pernah pun bagitau sape yang I xsuka.FAHAM? And,kalau you tak suka I,kenapa jadi follower I,reader I?Malah bukan main comment sweet2 je kat comment box I?Psyco kan?Nampak sangat yang betina2 ni memang adore hidup I,personality I.I got brain,boobies,ass,money,super fab hubby and son, but you dont!

Gossip la,gossip.I makin cantik,makin happy ada,la.I bukan macam other moms yang terus berhenti blogging lepas you kacau.Im not,I yang akan makin kacau hidup you nanti.Jangan menyesal yeah?

Ni dah masuk
2010.Mari sama2 berubah.
P/S-As you know,any rambling bitching entry will be deleted before our prince can read it .


Beach!Yes,4days 3nights..We spent our quality weekends at Legend,Impiana and Holiday Villa.Macam2 ada dalam resort tu,so xkluar pun.We makan,we bbq,we shopping,we main pool,we swim,we sunbathing,we jacuzzi,we sauna,we karaoke and we layan liveband,semua dalam resorts.hehehe,tak keluar,apa sangat la yang ada kat town Kuantan.Photo with other parents masa new year tak ade dengan kami.Sigh.Tunggu photo.